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However, she is only a simple salesperson at a department store.One day, she meets the owner of the department store: Bulut, the handsome heir to a textile empire...“You can make money from your wardrobe clutter knowing that one woman’s clutter is another woman’s chic.” They are ideal for recessionistas – woman who still want to look trendy during the economic troubles.“It enables you to buy wonderful clothes much more cheaply,” says Jacey.Lorraine Turnbull operates a similar policy at her shop in Malton, The Frock Exchange, on Savile Street.

Pam said: “I could not possibly afford £225 for a new pair of boots, but at The Frock Exchange you can get designer labels for a fraction of the price.During racing season, Vicki may have to attend two or three meetings a week, while a stint at Royal Ascot demands five different outfits. “When you wear an outfit you might not want to be seen in it again, so it’s great, I can bring it here to sell on – and buy something else while I am here.” Lorraine even admits to touting for new sellers.“Last year I went to York Races and gave out my card.Lorraine’s boutique also stocks bargain-priced designer hats, shoes and accessories, making it a one-stop shop to find the perfect outing for the races or a wedding.Local fans include Vicki Fahey, wife of Malton racehorse trainer Richard Fahey.

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As a guide, items are sold on at about a third of their original price.